Whole World Through My Eyes Contest

From 1st to 31-st of July 2021

Dear Friends, we invite you to take part in the new big contest, "Whole World Through My Eyes"!

The explosive growth of partnership structure, valuable prizes and cash rewards are waiting for you, as well as free promotion at the Company's expense!

The essence of the contest is following: its participants are proposed to regularly make small video reviews by means of screen recording (and not only), telling about their participation with the Whole World Project and its features, and share the joy of the received money transfers!

You will receive a guaranteed cash reward for each video and will be able to take part in the drawing of prizes according to the monthly results!

Even though you don't know how to shoot videos yet, it's not a problem!

Contest Terms and Conditions

In order to take part in the contest, shoot short video reviews on the topic of your participation with Whole World and on the features and business opportunities of the Project.

Upload these videos to your YouTube channel and add the links to your videos in the comments to the contest post at Vkontakte (RU) or Facebook (EN).

You will receive $1 per each unique video published.

In addition, each new video will bring you +1 ticket of the prize drawing participant (the more videos you shoot within a month, the more tickets you get, and the more chances of winning the main prizes you will have).

One participant can be paid for no more than 10 videos a month ($10), and posts from one participant are accepted no more than 1 video a day (at most, +1 ticket of the drawing participant can be given per day).

According to the monthly results, the following prizes will be drawn: 
- 25 prizes of $10 each
- 10 Business Machine places.

TOP PRIZE The best videos: high-quality, creative and presentable ones will be published on a permanent basis on the Company's official YouTube channel, as well as in groups in social networks, with indication of the authors' referral links!

Shoot the most interesting and high-quality videos and you can get promotion free of charge at the Company's expense!

Possible topics for video overviews:

 - about the fact that you have received one more money transfer (transfers), what amount, where the money has gone, from whom, how to withdraw it, why people send you money themselves, how anyone interested can start receiving the same transfers (invitations to your team)

- an overview of your office with the description of achievements during the participation

- an overview of the income calculator at the landing page

- an overview of existing campaigns and contests with a brief presentation of corresponding earnings opportunities: $10 gift to pay for the Business Machine service, Business Machine as a gift when simultaneously participating with the Marathon and Relay Race, TOP-10, Leadership Bonus, WW Through My Eyes, etc.

- a brief overview of the key website sections, along with drawing attention to important points

- an overview of the Business Machine and Joint Advertising services as ways to get partners without invitations

- an overview of the key advantages of the Project by the example of the 50 Advantages of Whole World section

- a brief overview of the marketing of the Charity Marathon and Relay Race

- a story about the Whole World fund and the children we help, an overview of the fund's website, children that we have already helped, reports, etc.

- an overview of available promotional materials, by means of which it is very easy to pass the Charity Relay baton and invite people to the project (it only takes your desire)

- an overview of the life hacks "Family Business" in the Relay Race and "Golden Triangle" in the Marathon, which allow to absolutely legally receive multiple money transfers from each partner

- an explanation of why the Project is not a scam nor a pyramid, why you will not be deceived here, and what guarantees of receiving money exist here (direct instant transfers to the participants' purses)

- and much much more…

Prize fund and requirements imposed on participants

Participants having the status of VOLUNTEER and BUSINESS can take part in the contest, provided they have an active Whole World account at the time of the contest!

There will be taken into account:
— high-quality videos only (both sound and image are of high quality)
— with competent and confident speech
— presentable appearance of participants
— without prejudice to ethics and moral standards
— containing correct and truthful information only
— shot and voiced only by participants themselves
— having a unique content (duplication is not allowed)

The prize fund of guaranteed rewards ($1 per each video) is limited to $1000 a month. If more than 1000 videos are published within the contest, the rewards will be paid to the first 1000 competitors who published their works before the others.

We wish all the participants good luck!

The contest will be carried out from 1st till 31-st of July 2021


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