Campaign “Business Machine for FREE”

Permanent campaign

On 11th of November 2021, the Whole World Project turned 10 years old! In honour of this outstanding event we have launched a special campaign, under the terms of which each participant can activate the Business Machine service for 1 month free of charge.

The activation of Business Machine will allow you to get new partners while not inviting them personally. That means that you will be able to make money within Whole World without invitations! Take a look at how it works:

The standard price for the service is USD 50  per 1 place monthly. Activate Business Machine

How do one get Business Machine as a gift?

for this purpose, make at least one full amount charitable donation, corresponding to the 100%-levels of rewards, to the the Charity Relay Race and Charity Marathon sequentially.

In other words, take part in the Marathon and Relay simultaneously with the 100 %-levels of rewards. But if you are already taking part, just extend your validity period by making next full amount charitable donations within both programmes.

And what is more... We have decided to make this offer permanent!
It means each participant can get the Business Machine for free an unlimited number of times (you yourself, your partners, the partners of your partners etc.)!

In order to get this gift one more time, it is only needed to make full amount donations one more time within the Marathon and Relay after receiving the previous gift!

Permanent campaign

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