The "TOP-10 Fundraisers” Contest

Monthly contest

Those participants who are ranked in TOP 10 according to the monthly results will get an additional reward from the Company.

1st place - 3 Extra Reward* + 3 Business Machine places**

2nd place - 2 Extra Reward + 2 Business Machine places

3rd place - 1 Extra Reward + 1 Business Machine places

4-th to 10-th places - 1 Business Machine places

ALL the Whole World community participants are ranked simultaneously!

* Extra Reward - an additional reward amounted at $3 for each financial aid payment made personally by invited Benefactors within the Charity Relay Race, and $1 for the activation and/or validity extension of each their place within the Charity Marathon during the corresponding calendar month.

** Business Machine - free activation of the Business Machine service for a period of 1 month

The participants are given rewards provided that their fundraising efficiency during the reporting month was at least $150.

The fundraising efficiency is an amount of funds sent to charity during the reporting month thanks to the fundraisers’ activities.

When calculating this amount, all financial aid payments received during the reporting period by the charitable fund from the Whole World participants personally invited by the fundraiser (placed at the first level of its partner structure) are taken into account.

Every time one provides financial aid within the Charity Relay Race, $50 are sent to charity.

Every time one provides financial aid within the Charity Marathon, $10 are sent to charity.

The current participant’s fundraising efficiency is displayed in a green circle opposite to his name in the "TOP-10 Fundraisers" section

Monthly contest

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